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Welcome to Pick-A-Holics!

Here at Pick-A-Holics we started with a teeny tiny idea which was completely & utterly sweet and since we started Pick-A-Holics all we want to do is to bring customers sweets that they love whilst bringing back childhood memories.

Customers can pick what sweets they would like in their pouch from a wide range of sweets available from childhood classics to new sweets that they have never tried, all with so many different textures and flavours. All of our pouches are resealable which means it keeps the sweets fresher for longer and they are 100% recyclable along with all of our packaging.

Should you have any food allergies please check our Allergens page.

Featured Sweets

Giving Back

Here at Pick-A-Holics we beleive in giving back which is why we are part of a plant a tree scheme with Ecology where part of your payment goes towards planting a tree. With every order no matter how big or small 1 tree will be planted with every order so you will be doing your bit to help the environment so its a treat for you and a treat for the planet.

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